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Modesto Car Accident Attorneys

Modesto Auto Accident Attorney

Injured in an Car Accident in Modesto?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in the Modesto area, it is likely that you have legal matters to address related to recovering compensation for the damages you have suffered, both injuries and property.  Such cases are best handled by a skilled personal injury lawyer that can prepare and file the claim on behalf of the injured or their families in some cases.  At Accident Lawyers, the legal team has over 40 years collective experience in assisting the injured in recovering top value settlements in personal injury cases, and is very familiar with all aspects of car accident cases.

Car Accident Lawyer in Modesto

Fighting with insurance companies is a rough situation; they often make attempts to reduce or deny certain claims.  Many injured individuals have accepted settlements that were much lower than they may have recovered if they had contacted legal counsel from the firm to take on the case.  It is important that you do not discuss your injury and damages with an insurance adjuster from the firm until you have legal representation to protect your rights.  Unfortunately, immediately after an accident is not always the best time to talk to an adjuster.  In some cases, the injured is still on painkillers or still in shock from the accident.  Some types of injuries do not even begin to hurt until a day or two after the impact.  It is very important that you have legal representation prior to answering questions so that the auto accident lawyer can assist you in the case.

When very serious injuries have occurred, usually the focus is on the health and life of the injured and it may seem impossible to consider the legal aspects of the case.  Of course the health and future of your loved one is of primary concern; this is as it should be.  You want the best of medical care and the most current treatments for their injuries.  In such cases, the legal team will act on behalf of the injured to fight to ensure that the costs for the medical treatments and other damages are addressed in a claim for compensation.  You can be assured that the best interests of the injured will be of utmost concern.

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