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Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

A driver caused a three accident crash in downtown Modesto by running a red light. Firefighters had to cut part of a vehicle to save a woman trapped in her car. The car crashed happened on the corner of J street and 14th at around 2:05 p.m. Three people were taken to the hospital with a fourth man walking away with only minor injuries. The accident occurred at what has been known as a dangerous intersection. Police have no determined yet which vehicle was at fault. The city of Modesto is known for speeding and red light running.

If you ever find yourself in this position you should consider hiring a Modesto personal injury attorney. A car accident attorney can help lessen the confusion of insurance claims and settlements. They will guide you through the entire process and many only charge if you win a settlement. They can help you determine who is at fault, how much you should receive for pain and suffering, medical bills and even lost wages.

Hiring a car accident attorney will mean you will be working with a professional who is more knowledgeable about the traffic laws. Negotiating with insurance companies can be tricky. a Modesto personal injury attorney will do all of the legwork. They will gather and review all of the evidence and them submit a demand for settlement to the insurance companies. If you are looking for receiving a reasonable and fair settlement then it is important to have such a professional on your side.

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