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Frequently Asked Questions:  Personal Injury Cases in Modesto

How do I know if my case is valid?

The determining factor in personal injury cases is related to whether there was negligence on the part of the responsible party.  This could include negligent driving, negligence in providing a safe product for consumers, or negligence related to how a medical procedure was done.  When damage results from negligent actions, you have the right to make a civil claim for the damages you have suffered in the incident.  A Modesto personal injury lawyer can advise you regarding your specific case.

How do I choose a personal injury lawyer?

The best choice is an attorney that generally focuses on personal injury cases, as there is more experience and usually a broad range of resources that can be called upon to assist in the case, such as scientific experts, earlier legal judgments, expert witnesses, medical experts and others.  At Accident Lawyers, the legal team has developed outstanding resources and has over 35 years of collective experience in personal injury cases.

How long does it take to get a settlement?

In some cases it can happen fairly quickly, but in very serious injury cases it could take longer.  This is due to the high monetary value of the claim, based on the injuries and other damages suffered by the victim.  It is best to initiate your claim for compensation immediately after the accident.

Is there a Statute of Limitations on personal injury cases?

Yes.  You have two years from the time of the accident to file a claim.  It is advised that you begin at once as it does become more difficult to document cases that are a year or more in the past.  This isn’t always possible, but you should contact the firm as soon as the injury or accident occurs if you can.

What can Accident Lawyers help me with?

The legal team at the firm assists clients with any of the following types of injury cases:

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